Roller shades in modern kitchen

The blinds in your St. George, UT, home, don’t need to be cookie-cutter and lifeless. Instead, they have great potential to elevate your comfort, privacy, and interior design.

Choosing custom blinds cut to size for each of your windows offers numerous benefits. Here’s what custom blinds can do for your home.

Perfect Size

Finding off-the-shelf blinds that perfectly fit your most unique windows can be time-consuming. But with custom-size window blinds, you ensure that each blind panel fits precisely in the window with no overhang, awkward placements, or gaps.

Precision-fit blinds look high-end and luxurious, providing a subtle design enhancement that elevates your space. You’ll instantly notice a difference when you walk into a room with tailored window treatments compared to one with cookie-cutter blinds that don’t fit quite right.

Optimal Privacy

Whether you live on a busy street or only see the occasional car, having blinds that fit helps you feel private and secure in your home. But covering all of the gaps in an oddly shaped window proves challenging with ready-made blinds. They may leave holes that allow passersby to peek into your family’s living space.

With blinds cut to size, you enjoy optimal privacy and confidence that every square inch of your window is covered. You won’t have to spend time precariously positioning the blinds to cover the glass; instead, your blinds will effortlessly shield your entire window.

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Flexible Light Control

Traditional blinds make controlling natural light in rooms that receive direct sunlight a challenge. During St. George’s balmy summers, you may want to block sunlight from entering your home to keep your space cool. But off-the-shelf blinds leave gaps that allow sunlight to penetrate your space, quickly heating it up.

With made-to-measure blinds, you have full control over the light entering your space. These blinds cover every square inch of your windows with durable, opaque slats that allow as much or as little light into your home as you desire. You won’t have to supplement your blinds with blackout curtains just to keep your space cool in the summer.

Personalized Design

While cut-to-size window coverings offer many functional benefits, they also elevate your home’s style and aesthetic appearance. You can personalize the design of your bespoke blinds to your preferred style. Add natural wood blinds for a cozy and warm aesthetic, or opt for brightly colored blinds that provide a modern, maximalist feel.

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When you choose Designer Window Fashions for your St. George window treatments, you don’t have to sacrifice cost for customization. We offer high-quality budget blinds in St. George, Utah, that perfectly execute your aesthetic and functional goals. With our free in-home consultations, you’ll see exactly how custom blinds will enhance your living space.

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