Modern roller blinds

The window treatments throughout your home have immense potential to elevate your lifestyle. With the right blinds or shades, you enhance the comfort, style, privacy, security, and energy efficiency of your home, adding both investment value and life value. And when you choose Designer Window Fashions, St. George’s premier choice for custom window coverings, you maximize all of these benefits.

Discover how our stylish home window decor can transform your space.

Elevate Your Interior Design With High-End Window Coverings

The blinds in your home don’t need to detract from your interior design. Instead, they can elevate your home’s style, providing a bespoke, artisan quality that purposefully complements your other design elements.

With our custom window treatment options, spectacular designs, and beautiful craftsmanship, you get to choose the most fashionable window shades for your home. Your luxury window treatments will effortlessly enhance your home’s appearance and atmosphere without sacrificing any functional benefits.

Enhance Temperature Control With Custom Window Blinds

Your window treatments play a big role in the interior temperature of your home. With custom window shades and blinds from Designer Window Fashions, you gain the ability to completely block sunlight from entering through your windows, keeping your home cool during the balmy summer months. In the winter, your custom-fit window treatments effectively insulate your home to keep cool air from seeping in.

Both of these benefits improve your home’s energy efficiency and reduce your energy bills.

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Eliminate Hassle With Electric Window Shades

Our electric window shades and blinds take all of the annoyance out of raising and lowering your window treatments. These blinds utilize an electric motor that connects to a remote controller or an app on your phone, letting you adjust the height and angle of the blinds in your St. George home at the touch of a button.

While this may seem like a small convenience, it significantly upgrades your lifestyle, saving you time and enhancing your relaxation within your home.

Boost Privacy and Safety With Bespoke Window Treatments

Windows are the eyes to the home — but that isn’t always a good thing. Your windows offer a direct view into your house that trespassers may take advantage of. Enhance your home’s privacy and safety with cut-to-size window treatments that cover every nook and cranny of your window glass.

Our custom window treatments let you turn your home into a private oasis that lets your family truly unwind without worrying about the watchful gaze of passersby. Your custom roller shades will also deter intruders, as they won’t get a glimpse of your belongings from the window.

Designer Window Fashions — Your Premier Source for High-End Window Treatments in Southern Utah

Choose window treatments that achieve the fullest potential for your home and lifestyle. When you work with Designer Window Fashions, we’ll recommend the custom window treatments that fulfill your aesthetic and functionality goals, then install them with expertise and precision to provide long-lasting benefits for your home.

We sell a wide range of window coverings in St. George, UT, and surrounding areas. Call Designer Window Fashions today at 435-705-4963 and schedule your in-home consultation.