Automatic roller shades

What if you could adjust the natural lighting and privacy of your St. George home with the touch of a button — or the tap of a mobile app? With electric roller shades, you can.

These modern window treatments eliminate the hassle of raising and lowering blinds, replacing it with a seamless, automated mechanism that you can control from anywhere. You can adjust the position of your blinds without getting off the couch — or from miles away — while elevating the security, privacy, and safety of your home.

How Do Motorized Roller Shades Work?

Motorized roller shades feature an electrical mechanism that allows you to raise and lower the shades at the click of a button. The motorized mechanism sits at the top of your window. At your command, the height and position of your shades will adjust to your specific preferences.

Many roller shades include automatic settings that let you pre-program the position of your shades. For example, maybe you want the shades to automatically close at sunset and open at sunrise. Or perhaps you want to close your shades at 8 a.m. every weekday when you leave for work. Premium motorized roller shades let you automate your shades according to your schedule and preferences or make manual adjustments with an app or remote.

Electric roller shades with remotes take all of the aggravation out of adjusting your window shades, ensuring that they always optimize privacy, comfort, and natural lighting in your home.

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Benefits of Remote Control Roller Shades

Electric window blinds and shades offer a convenient solution to elevate your home. Here’s what you’ll gain when you install motorized shades in your St. George living space.

Privacy and Security

Motorized sunscreen blinds make controlling the privacy and security of your home much easier. You can lower your blinds from anywhere, even after you’ve already left your home for the day.

Smart settings even allow you to automate your shades’ position, automatically lowering them when you leave for work. These features help your home stay more private and deter intruders without you needing to remember to adjust your shades.

Energy Efficiency

Automated roller curtains help you block sunlight from entering your windows, lowering your energy bills. High-quality shades feature thick, durable fabric that blocks UV rays, helping your home stay cool. Their automated settings let you lower your shades from anywhere on days when the sun unexpectedly makes an appearance.

Some smart home window treatments even include features that automatically detect sunlight and lower the shades without any intervention from you.

Convenience and Comfort

Automatic roller shades add a level of convenience and comfort to your home that fosters rest and relaxation. While they may seem like a small feature, they can make a huge difference in your ability to unwind in your home.

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