Outdoor shades

Your St. George patio offers the perfect space to relax, enjoy the beautiful spring, summer, and fall weather, and spend time with family. But when the sun beats down on your outdoor retreat, you may struggle to truly unwind.

You don’t need to invest in a pricy awning or settle for unsightly curtains to block the sun from penetrating your patio. Instead, stylish roller shades for your patio create a cooler, more comfortable, and more private environment that fosters the ultimate relaxation without sacrificing style.

How Do Patio Roller Shades Work?

Patio roller shades, sometimes called roller blinds, attach to the edge of your patio roof and completely span the length of the patio. When you want to block the sun, simply roll down the shades to your desired position.

Different types of exterior roller blinds offer varying benefits. Standard roller shades include a single piece of fabric that you expand from the top down or the bottom up, depending on your installation. Blackout roller blinds consist of a thicker fabric that completely blocks sunlight, while thermal roller blinds insulate your patio so you can enjoy it on chillier days.

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Benefits of Patio Sun Shades

Roller shades for the patio offer several functional and aesthetic benefits that make your patio more comfortable and useable. These simple solutions offer all of the following advantages:

  • Privacy: When you roll down your porch roller curtains, you enjoy a more private, secluded space where you can sprawl out and enjoy conversations with friends outside of your neighbors’ gazes.
  • Temperature control: Deck roller shades help your patio stay cool on bright, sunny days, and specialty thermal shades keep the warmth inside your patio on cooler days.
  • Comfort: If you’re tired of repositioning your patio chair every few minutes to avoid sun in your eyes, outdoor roller shades eliminate this issue forever. These shades also protect you against rain, wind, fallen leaves, and bugs, creating a more comfortable environment altogether.
  • Increased energy efficiency: Roller shades with room-darkening qualities help block sunlight from entering through your windows, keeping your home cool and reducing your air conditioner usage.
  • Low maintenance: Top-quality roller shades for the patio require very little maintenance. Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth to remove dust and debris. Their durable construction easily withstands precipitation and other outdoor elements, providing years of reliable use for your home.
  • Customizable designs: Your roller shades don’t need to look industrial. High-end window shade companies let you customize the color, pattern, and style according to your design preferences.

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When you choose Designer Window Fashions for your patio roller shades and blinds in St. George, you gain full confidence in the quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal of your new shades. We’ll come to your home, present you with several styles of roller shades, help you make an informed decision, and then install your new shades with precision and expertise.

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